Nectar of Life Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Nectar of Life is a gourmet coffee roaster specializing in organically grown, Fair Trade coffees.

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NEW COFFEES - We have Ethiopia Sidamo Natural back in stock. We are proudly featuring a new Guatemalan coffee from Nahualá Click Here. It is a wonderful, medium roasted coffee with hints of dark chocolate and hazelnut.

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FREE SHIPPING GOURMET COFFEE SAMPLER. You've asked, we've answered! For $12.99 you get four samples of our gourmet organic coffee with FREE SHIPPING within the United States. So check out our Gourmet Coffee Sampler.

Try our one pound cans of Organic Fair Trade Hot Chocolate! Click Image to go to the Fair Trade organic hot chocolate.

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Organic Fair Trade Teas
We've added a wonderful selection of gourmet teas that are organically grown and fairly traded. So check out our Organic Fair Trade Teas.

We have a program to help Fair Trade farmers. We offer fresh roasted Fair Trade, organic coffees at below wholesale prices. Fair Trade Organic Coffee Below Wholesale to Feed the Farmers

If you don't like running out of your favorite coffee, or you're looking for the perfect gift check out our Coffee of The Month Club.

If you are interested in Wholesale Organic Coffee then head over to Wholesale Organic Coffee
If you are in need of raising funds, please check out our Coffee Fundraiser page.


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Thank you for visiting our website! We are a gourmet coffee roaster specializing in shade grown, certified Fair Trade organic coffee. We ONLY roast coffees that are fairly traded and certified organic. Nectar of Life is a CRS Fair Trade certified Fair Trade coffee roaster. We are also certified kosher and USDA organic. You can rest assured that the coffees you purchase from us contain no inorganic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, and that the farmers received a fair wage for their hard work. If you would like to receive copies of our kosher or organic certificates please email us at


We select only the finest organically grown coffees of the species Coffea arabica. We never use the inferior species Coffea robusta. In addition to our coffees being grown through organic practices nearly all our them are shade grown, which allows the beans to develop intense flavors and provides native birds a place to live.


We could go on and on about all the reasons we chose to only certified organic, fairly traded coffees, but we want keep you any longer. If you would like to learn more you can check out the following links: About Nectar of Life Coffee Why Organic Coffee? Why Fair Trade Coffee?.


Thank You, and Enjoy a Piping Hot Cup Of Nectar Today!


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Fair Trade isn't charity, but more a form of social justice. When you purchase Fair Trade coffee you are directly helping to promote a better life for farming families by paying fair prices through direct trade and community development. When Fair Trade farmers grow their coffees organically they receive an additional $0.25/LB.


At Nectar of Life, coffee roasting is our passion. We select only the finest Arabica gourmet-grade coffees and meticulously develop unique roast profiles for every origin. Once you taste the Nectar, you'll never go back! Nectar of Life is truly the essence of gourmet coffee.
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